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A week ago we talked about the health benefits a massage chair can give to the muscular system. This is far not the whole story as the massage chair have much more benefits. The Circulatory system also benefits from a massage on a massage chair as it;
• Improves blood circulation which promotes tissue healing.
• Improves your immune system.
• Lowers blood pressure and reduces pulse
• Increase red blood cells in circulatory system
• Reduces swelling by increasing tissue fluid and lymphatic circulation

Next time we’ll look at what it does for the Nervous System.


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vs3ljca4×2ubuca23v6obcaeaacqvca2d3pkpcam7fv10cahzfw44ca64gemyca6i6e4icafvlrm7ca12zv7pcazc8g1ocamy4yihcao2vd6wcahhckz0ca4y07hscak9ylnccapvcmab.jpgIf you are interested in a massage chair, you are most likely interested in the health benefits massage chairs has. Daily massages from massage chairs will benefit your muscular system, circulatory system, nervous system, skeletal system and respiratory system. It is an absolute long term investment in your health and will reduce your medical expenses over the years. 

Lets’s take a look at the benefits our muscular system will enjoy;

Muscular System Benefits from a Massage. 

·         Successfully relaxes your muscles to reduce cramps, spasms and overall tension

·         Reduces soft tissue and muscle pain  

·         Increase body’s flexibility due to more hydration in the muscles

·         Increase nutrients to the  muscles

·         Break down knots and fibrosis

·         Quickens muscle recovery due to fatigue.

·         Helps prevent atrophy

Next Friday we will take a look at the benefits of massage chairs on the Circulatory System.

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